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Tissue culture is the culture and maintenance of plant cells or organs...

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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a...

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Efficient utilization of available plant genetic resources and innovative...

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Efficient utilization of available plant genetic resources and innovative...

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A nursery for gardeners, landscape contractors, interior designers etc...

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Hand Made Papers




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Plant Tissue Culture


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We are in regular touch with our customers and provide latest information about our products and its cultivation to yield the best. Such best performances are periodically release on our websites for customer knowledge.

Being a commercial tissue culture plant production unit ABLR is well equipped with modern tools of plant tissue culture along with group of imminent scientists and researchers for large scale production of quality Tissue Culture raised planting material. Major facilities available with ABARD Centre for Rural Livelihood including land, infrastructure and laboratory facility
As a good planting material supplier, we are in the business of production and supply seeds of vegetables and field crops in this part of country. Our varieties are performing well on farmer's field. With this thrust, we are developing varieties which mitigate current production risks e.g. Disease, Temperature, etc.
ABLR has started "Aditya Paper" with an aim of developing handmade paper from various agro-wastes, which will enable sustainable rural livelihood. Aditya Paper is only of its kind in this part of the country developing various qualities of handmade papers using different & unique eco-friendly raw materials.
We have Cotton Paper, Banana Paper, Silk Paper, Flower Paper, Leather Textured Paper.

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